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Welcome to CCTV Training!
We look forward to assisting you to become a surveillance professional!
If you can't find what you need on this site, give us a call or email us.


We have been delivering training successfully for over 10 years now to thousands of CCTV managers and operators and have been involved in the design, building and operation of CCTV systems from small buildings to large thousand camera systems in the heart of London.

Our knowledge is second to none in the CCTV world, and our trainers are fully qualified with many years of Police experience behind them.

We also provide other services from Operational Support, Codes of Practice to providing Mobile CCTV equipment and have been involved in advising Police, Local Authority and Government agencies on how to get the best from CCTV. 

Our overseas work involves training Police and Security staff abroad and advising foreign Governments on CCTV strategy and implementation.

New for 2015

One day refresher training for operators, bringing them up to date with the changes in legislation. Have a look at our courses page!

One day seminars for the education sector, making sure that CCTV used in schools and colleges etc. complies with the law.

Thank you for visiting the site, we hope you will find what you are looking for, but if not, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you. 

CCTV Camera Surveillance Commissioner - New Code of Practice

Current News

The Camera Surveillance Commissioner has published the new CCTV code of practice

Click on the link above to read what has been published; 

The Information Commissioner has issued an updated  Draft  Code of Practice for CCTV. It is compatible with the Camera Sureveillance Commissioners Code but has a few otyher areas for users of CCTV. Go to the Information Commissioners website for more details.

Our new seminars for the Education Sector are launched this May. Aimed at Head Teachers, Principals, Bursars and anyone who uses CCTV in the education sector, this one day seminar gives clear guidance on what is allowed or not allowed. Current discussions between Teaching Unions and schools, colleges etc. are causing some confusion as to what is permitted. This seminar will clear up any ambiguity and help keep you legal.

The mobile CCTV unit will be busy in May at Luton Carnival and helping with the management of European elections in Cambridgeshire. 

The new CCTV National Standards Forum has it's website up and running and you can access it on this link Please view the site and see what is happening in respect of standards and the new Camera Surveillance Commissioner Tony Porter. 

The Protection of Freedoms Act creates the post of Camera Surveillance Commissioner. He has the task of formulating a Code of Practice for CCTV which will include ANPR and other surveillance mediums.The only problem is the Code will only apply to Public Authority CCTV at first and not to private systems, which may come under it later.

Overseas Training

CCTV Training recently delivered a number of courses to CCTV operators in Kurdistan, IRAQ. Over 60 security staff undertook the UK equivalent SIA course and are now engaged in operating CCTV for a large recently completed airport. 

In August we delivered training to a University security team in Saudi Arabia. This will be our fourth visit there but the floodlit golf course has nothing to do with our attendance, nor has the private beach on the Red Sea! 30 Students completed the Command and Control Course we designed on behalf of Highfield and which we succesfully delivered. CCTV was a major part of the course.

Awarding Bodies

CCTV Training is a centre for the awarding body HABC. (Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance) This organisation has been overseeing health and safety and food awards for some time and has only recently been granted approval to run SIA awards in security topics. CCTV Training is one of the first training companies to deliver this qualification under HABC and we believe that this course delivery will be even more suitable to students trying for their SIA CCTV Operator licence. We work very closely with Highfield and help to design CCTV training materials.




High Quality Training

We are confident that our training is some of the finest available for CCTV. Our success rate is second to none and our desire to help you achieve your goal is part of our company ethos.

We have more to offer than before, with a host of Logistical services now available at very reasonable cost. 

Please get in touch if you would like more information on what we can do to help you by clicking the contact us button on the navigation bar.

Thank you for visiting the site, we look forward to providing you with training.





27-30 June 2016 - Operator course Farnham Surrey



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Test Yourself - go to the classroom page and try our short test. Questions are similar to the SIA exam questions.

CCTV Training & Logistics was out and about in the Mobile Unit recently at Epsom racecourse. Friday was Oaks Day and Saturday was Derby day with crowds in the region of 100,000. You may have seen our mobile unit on patrol.


CCTV Training's Mobile Unit is used at various events around the UK. This was a 10k fun run in central London with about 25 thousand runners taking part for various charities. The pictures below and to the left show some of the runners and the mobile in place by the Houses of Parliament 



Above is the River Thames at Henley, where recently CCTV Logistics had the mobile unit deployed for safety and crime prevention. We were able to contribute to the arrest of a Burglary suspect with excellent images of the offender being handed to Thames Valley Police.

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